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RSSI is a not-for- profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Osho’s legacy in its most authentic form. However, the income from our core fund which is contributed by the founder of the trust, is limited and insufficient to support the wide range of projects and causes we undertake. As a result, we rely on the active help and support of individuals like you to help us achieve our shared goal.

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Donation is key to happiness

I am delighted to make a contribution towards the construction of the Kabir Mandir at Osho Tapoban. This magnificent temple, adorned with a beautiful Kabir Statue and an energizing Kabir chauraha, is a truly remarkable destination that captivates the interest of all those seeking spiritual awakening. It brings me immense joy to support this endeavor and I encourage everyone to experience the profound energy of this sacred place.

Swami Krishnanand

Projects and General Support

There are two broad categories of donation:

  1. 1) Project Donation: We strictly use this donation for the respective projects

  2. 2) General donation: We use this donation for spreading meditation and helping Communes & Centers in need.